Leader Coaching


The Need

You’re a high performing leader, and you get that promotion. Congrats! But after a while you start to feel stuck. Cross-departmental politics, miscommunications, and team conflicts are interfering with your plans. Nothing you do seems to help, and execution timelines start to suffer. Although your managers respect you, they may be afraid to give you feedback. You’re a “can-do” person – so what do you do?

  • difficulty communicating vision

  • project deadlines slipping

  • not getting needed feedback

  • team conflicts linger without clear resolution

  • may be losing confidence of boss & colleagues

  • loss of self confidence

Our Solution

This Case Study reflects many of our Leader Coaching engagements. Like star athletes, leaders can often benefit from a good coach to build on talents and adjust performance. We start with a comprehensive Needs Assessment conversation and help the Coachee develop an Individual Coaching Action Plan (ICAP) to identify goals.

A typical Coaching Course consists of 8 sessions, which may be conducted in person, or over Skype™ or phone. Sometimes we recommend a development tool like MBTI™ or 360 Assessments, which all HartLG coaches are certified to use.

Our Leader Coaching is always custom tailored to meet the unique needs of Coachees; we help them overcome obstacles, realize their potential, and achieve their goals.

  • highly experienced C-level Coaches

  • cost effective and confidential

  • careful Needs Assessment to define challenges

  • “fit session” to assure compatibility

  • custom coaching plan & flexible schedule

  • in-person, Skype™ or phone

  • tools like MBTI™ or 360 Assessment when useful

The Outcome

Our Leader Coaching has an outstanding track record, with the vast majority of our Coachees going on to greater success and achievements. Many of them have encouraged their colleagues to explore coaching, even if they don’t think there is an immediate problem. As one of our clients put it: “I’m willing to work with a golf coach to improve my game. Why not work with an executive coach to take my career to the next level?”

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